Januvia tablets are the pills that are prescribed as one tablet per day with proper diet and exercise that will help in lowering the blood sugar levels in adults who are suffering from type 2-diabetes. These tablets are not prescribed to the patients with type 1-diabetes or with the condition ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is the condition where the increased ketone content is seen in the blood or urine.

If a person has had pancreatitis, this medication is not prescribed as it might result in a side effect that can affect your body severely. If a person with pancreatitis takes these medications, he or she might get serious side effects that can also lead to death. It is best to consult your doctor before starting any medication especially Januvia.

If you experience sudden pain in the stomach area (abdomen), consult your doctor before it gets too late, and you get into serious health complications. The pain that you experience would be from the stomach going all the way to the back. Vomiting might happen or not but consult your doctor even when you have slight pain in your stomach.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients such as sitagliptin, etc. present in the Januvia tablets, do not incorporate them into your diet. Make sure you go through the ingredient list before adding it to the diet to prevent major health problems.

Uses of Januvia tablets for type-2 diabetes

Sitagliptin is supposed to be incorporated into proper exercising and balanced diet and possibly with other medications as well to control the high levels of blood sugar. It is only recommended for the patients with type 2-diabetes.
It is advised to keep the blood sugar levels under control because it will prevent your body from kidney damages, blindness, sexual functioning issues, nerve problems, and loss of limbs, etc. Sitagliptin is a prescribed medication for type 2-diabetes that helps in increasing the levels of natural substances known as incretins.

How can you use Januvia?

You need to consult your doctor before consuming these powerful medicines and follow the instructions accordingly. If you have any history of serious health problems, you need to get it cleared by your doctor and a fresh start with the medication with proper knowledge and information about the medicine.

It is prescribed to consume the medicine orally with or without food, as according to your doctor. The dosage of this medication is completely based on your doctor’s prescription and your medical condition. It is recommended to take this medication regularly to get the best benefits out of it if you are suffering from type-2 diabetes.

The major side effect that you might get from Januvia medication is the infection of the respiratory tract and sometimes severe abdomen pain. Your doctor might tell you to get the blood tests done before and after the treatment procedure with Januvia to find out how the kidneys are doing. Based on these results, your doctor will change the medication dosages of Januvia.