Microcephaly is a disorder that is caused during the pregnancy, and during childbirth, the child is born with this defect where his or her head is smaller in size as compared to the babies born normal of the same sex and age. The brains do not get developed properly in the case of Microcephaly babies, and they are smaller in size and stay underdeveloped throughout their lifespan.

Microcephaly: It is the condition where the baby’s head is relatively smaller in size as that of the normal babies. Micro encephalitis occurs because the baby’s head is not developed during the pregnancy time or is not developed properly which makes it look smaller in size and the brain’s growth has stopped.

This disorder can be considered as an isolated condition which means that it can occur without any other major birth defects or it can also occur with a combination of birth disorders. Severe Microcephaly: it is a more serious condition than Microencephalitis where extreme parts of the brain remain underdeveloped, and the brain size is much smaller.

Severe Microcephaly is a condition that can happen because the baby’s brain has not properly developed during the pregnancy phase or the brain underwent any damage at some point during the pregnancy period. Microcephaly is also linked with other problems such as seizures, delay in the development, intellectual disability, movement and balance movement, hearing loss, swallowing difficulty, and vision problems, etc.

Causes and risk factors for Microcephaly

Microcephaly is not considered as a common condition. The causes of Microcephaly in most of the babies are still unknown. Some babies get this disease because of the gene changes they get. Other known causes of Microcephaly in babies and severe Microcephaly are listed below that you can take a look at:

  • Certain types of infections during the pregnancy period including rubella, Toxoplasmosis, or Cytomegalovirus can cause Microcephaly.
  • Malnutrition which means lack in the consumption of essential nutrients or not getting the right food can cause Microcephaly in babies.
  • Exposure to toxic substances for a long time such as alcohol, certain types of drugs, or toxic chemicals during pregnancy can also result in this condition in babies.
  • Blood supply getting interrupted in the baby’s brain during the development phase can lead to Microcephaly.

Diagnosis of Microcephaly

The disorder can be diagnosed during the pregnancy period or after the baby’s birth. It is best to get it diagnosed during the pregnancy period. Micro encephalitis can be diagnosed during pregnancy with the help of an ultrasound test. If you want to see the condition of Microcephaly during pregnancy, get an ultrasound done in your 2nd trimester or the early of the third trimester.

Consulting your gynaecologist before the beginning of pregnancy and getting all the tests done can help you prevent Microcephaly in your baby. Take very best care of yourself from proper foods to sleep, and medications, etc. so as to get a healthy and disease-free baby.